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for the church in the 21st century.

2022 Courses Offered Through TMEC




  • August 28 – September 2, 2022
    MONTREAT Conference Center (Montreat, NC) 
    The Art of Transitional Ministry – Weeks 1 & 2 and Spouse Track in-person Click here  for details

  • September 12 – October 10, 2022 (Mondays, 11am-2pm): 
    MONTREAT Conference Center (Online)
    The Art of Transitional Ministry – Weeks 1 & 2 Click here  for details

  • October 2-7, 2022:  (Registration NOW OPEN)
    The Art of Transitional Ministry –
    Weeks 1 and 2 offered concurrently
    — Click here  for more information

  • October 17-21, 2022:
    The Art of Transitional Ministry – Week 1 in-person — Click here  for more information

  • November 14-18, 2022:  (Details to be announced)
    The Art of Transitional Ministry – Week 1 in-person 

As additional courses are scheduled, they will appear here.


TMEC educational events focus on building leadership skills for churches and communities experiencing transition, led by practitioners in a committed learning community.

Here are some of our most asked questions...

What skills might I learn at a TMEC event?

Here are just a few of the topics we will cover in each of our educational events:

  • Family Systems Theory


  • Exploring context/cultural dynamics

  • Adaptive Change


  • Group Dynamics


  • Conflict Management​

Where are the TMEC educational events being held?

Here is listing of the locations and organizations that are part of TMEC. To learn more about the education event at a particular site, click on the name below.

How much does a TMEC event cost?

Each site that hosts these events sets its own costs and often depends on the housing option chosen. Please contact each site directly to inquire about costs for their event.

Who serves as faculty for these events?

The Transitional Ministry Education Consortium is a group of transitional pastors, associate pastors, bi-vocational pastors, mid-council leaders, coaches and other transition professionals who are committed to the mission and ministry of the church of Jesus Christ. While our ranks are made up largely of Presbyterians (PCUSA), we have been expanding our base to include United Methodists, Lutherans (ELCA), Disciples of Christ and clergy from the United Church of Christ. We strive to make all of our events denominationally and racially inclusive, as we value the diversity of our faith and the voices within it.

All of our faculty members have years of experience (in some cases, decades!)  in transitional ministry settings as interim or transitional pastors, associate pastors, spouses of transitional pastors, or interim/transitional mid-council and governing body executive staff. Each year, we come together as a consortium for continuing education on best practices in transitional ministry so that we can provide the most relevant training on issues facing transitional and interim church leaders.