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Calvin Center (GA)

August 18-22 2024
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Meet Calvin Center

Located just south of Atlanta on 536 acres, Calvin Center provides a place of respite and restoration for those participating in Week 1 of Transitional Ministry Education. The Conference Lodge offers rooms with private baths in the same building as the classes and is only a short stroll from the Dining Room. There are plenty of trails to hike and wander.


The Week 1 Class is offered after Easter in April each year by experienced leadership who have specialized in the ministry of being transitional pastors.

Art of Transitional Ministry at Calvin Center

As part of the Transitional Ministry Educational Consortium, The Art of Transitional Ministry Week One at Calvin Center is church leadership training designed for Clergy and other church staff sensing a call to transitional or interim ministry. Every vibrant church or ministry is or should be in transition right now if they hope to not only survive button thrive moving forward.


Churches/ministries in transitional times, Committee on Ministry members, seminary students, and presbytery staff members will also find this 5-day conference helpful. It is also a good course for ministers in the midst of their ministry to hone skills such as how to say hello and goodbye in healthy ways, to help congregations heal and gain tools for understanding their congregation, congregational life cycles and leading the process of change. The program begins with breakfast on Monday and ends with lunch on Friday, January. Training sessions at the conference include 30 hours of classroom instruction with plenty of time for personal attention.

Participants will be introduced to and reflect on:

  • Leading Change

  • The Transitional Ministry Tasks

  • The Church as a Family System

  • The Congregation as a Living Organism

  • Asset Mapping and Community Partnerships

  • Dealing with Difficulty and Conflict

  • Transitional Themes in Preaching and Worship

  • Church & Personal Finances in Transition

  • Care of Self as a Transitional Minister

  • Leaving Well: Beginning with the End in Mind

Meet the Team


To find out more about Calvin Center's classes, visit them here

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