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Synods of Mid-America

& Lincoln Trails


May 13- 17, 2024 

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Meet Synod of Mid-America (MALT)

MALT is a long-standing TMEC site with a history of creative and innovative work in teaching The Art of Transitional Ministry.


MALT offers their courses at


Mercy Center Conference and Retreat Center, 2039 N. Geyer Road, Saint Louis, Missouri 63131.

Art of Transitional Ministry with MALT


We live in a time of great transition in our churches and culture. Transitional Ministry Education is not limited to those presently engaged in or inquiring about the nature of transitional ministry. Anyone interested in learning about transitions in ministry is welcome to apply.

Basic Transitional Ministry Education consists of 60 contact hours plus a practicum. The contact hours are divided equally between two residency weeks: Week I (30 hours) and Week II (30 hours), separated by a practicum that combines reflection on, and experience in, some aspect of interim/transitional ministry.

The Midwest Initiative for Leading Transition offers education for both Weeks I & II. Participants must complete both Residency Week I and all practicum assignments before taking part in Residency Week II. Those who complete the first week of basic education at another site must complete all MALT practicum assignments prior to attending Residency Week II.

If you desire to receive a Statement of Completion for any of the training programs offered, you must actively participate in all sessions in their entirety (30 hours for Weeks I and II).

Meet the Team

The Art of Transitional Ministry programs engage in Equipping Church Leaders for Ministry on the Edge. Both active and retired pastors and mid council executives experienced in Transitional Ministry provide educational training for pastors and elders interested in Transitional Ministry. All of the staff members have years of experience (in some cases, decades!) in transitional ministry settings as interim or transitional pastors, associate pastors, or interim/transitional mid-council and governing body executive staff.


To learn more about MALT's classes, contact the teaching team with the email listed in their bios above. 

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