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The core curriculum for all of our transitional ministry offerings are outlined below. Each site may organize those offerings in slightly different ways, but in general all of the education events at sites listed in this website offer similar content. 

Please check the site pages for which options are offered at each location.
Topics covered at each Educational event may include
  1. Introduction to a framework of focus points for the congregation during the time of
    transition, along with process tasks that the transitional leader uses in their work.

  2. Viewing congregational life through family systems theory

  3. The importance of the context for a congregation's ministry

  4. A variety of ways to consider and lead change in organizations

  5. Working with the conflict that often comes with change

Week 1: Introduction to Transitional Ministry

The Art of Transitional Ministry, Week 1 is an introduction to working with a congregation in a changing culture.​This course is for individuals who are considering ministry in temporary settings (as an interim, transitional or designated pastor) or are experiencing ministry in these transitional times. Materials presented will include the basics of transitional ministry and will be of value to all congregational pastors regardless of ministry setting. 

During the course of this week you will be introduced to best practices in transitional ministry including ways to  enter the congregation and community, to analyze the congregations strength and growing edges, to connect well, to assume responsibility for assisting the congregation in moving toward a vibrant future, and to leave the congregation in a healthy and appropriate way.

As there is advance preparation required (reading), please plan to register well in advance so that you will have adequate time to prepare.

Transitional Ministry for Spouses

This course is designed for individuals whose spouse may be considering or engaged in transitional ministry. Spouses learn in a retreat-like atmosphere with opportunities to understand the basics of transitional ministry while also providing  ample free time to hike, read and relax.

This course is only offered at two sites throughout the country: Zephyr Point on Lake Tahoe and Montreat in the North Carolina mountains. It requires minimal preparation, but registrants are encouraged to register early to ensure a space in the program.

Week 2: The Practice of Transitional Ministry

This course is the second part of the transitional ministry education sequence and is tailored for those who want to go deeper, and who may already be serving in a temporary position. During this week, participants will spend time in small groups, working through the practical aspects of transformational leadership.

Week 2 works to hone the skills and best practices of your transitional leadership from week 1. Week 2 should be taken between 6 months to 5 years after taking week 1 with TMEC or IMN and you are consciously working with change leadership.

This course requires advanced preparation (reading and writing) and so it is recommended to register well in advance so that you can get the most out of your week.

Transitional Ministry with Mid-Councils

This course is designed for experienced transitional leaders who are interested in serving in wider councils of the church.

These events are generally run concurrently with the other educational tracks. It is led by faculty members who are trained and have experience working in transitional mid-council positions such as presbyteries, synods, conferences, and regional ministries.

Presently, this event is only held at our Midwest Institute for Leading Transition site. It is generally held only held when the interest is sufficient. Limited numbers of spaces are available. Contact Synod of MidAmerica for additional information or to express interest.

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