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Princeton (NJ)

2024 class canceled,
looking ahead to 2025

Meet Princeton Seminary

Princeton Seminary is a long-time partner with TMEC in offering an excellent Transitional Ministry class. Due to shifts in staffing and other needs at Princeton, there is no 2023 Princeton TMEC class. We hope to return in 2025.

Art of Transitional Ministry at Princeton Seminary

Once narrowly focused on the work of interim pastors, today’s Art of Transitional Ministry is designed to prepare all church leaders for the challenges of change. More than ever before, pastors require special skills and understanding, and our Transitional Ministry Education program has become a vital resource for leaders of all denominations.


The Art of Transitional Ministry is a two-part program (designated simply as “Week 1” and “Week 2”). In partnership with TMEC, the Transitional Ministry Education Consortium of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Princeton Theological Seminary typcially offers Week 1 and Week 2 concurrently.


Week 1 includes the basics of transitional leadership for all congregational pastors, regardless of their ministry setting. It is designed to share best practices for entering a congregation and community, analyzing the congregation’s strengths and growing edges, and helping them move toward a more vibrant future. From navigating change and managing conflict to discerning their own talents, fears, and limitations, participants will learn skills and build spiritual resilience for the journey of transition.


Week 2 is more experiential, addressing the needs of those currently engaged in transitional ministry. Working in small groups, participants will have an opportunity to share specific challenges and receive guidance and feedback from faculty and peers. Completion of Week 1 at a TMEC education site and current or recent service in a transitional role are required for enrollment in Week 2. Exceptions may be discussed with the faculty team leader.


Attendance at all sessions is required to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Meet the Team


Come back late in 2024 to find out more.

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