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Zephyr Point Conference Center (NV)

July 14-19, 2024
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Meet Zephyr Point

Since 1924 Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center has provided rest, rejuvenation and recreation for thousands. From its humble beginnings when guests camped in tents on the rugged lakeside, Zephyr Point has developed into a modern Camp and Conference Center with a variety of housing options and meeting space that can accommodate groups of up to 300.

Zephyr has partnered with TMEC for many years to offer The Art of Transitional Ministry Weeks 1 and 2 every July.

Art of Transitional Ministry at Zephyr Point

We live in unprecedented times. Change is happening all around us – whether it is in our churches, communities or the wider world. The question is not “will change come?” but instead, “How will we respond to the changes that confront us?”

The Art of Transitional Ministry is a two-part education opportunity to provide models, methods and similarly-minded colleagues to hone skills as leaders through transitions. Whether you are an installed pastor, interim or transitional leader, or serve other institutions in transition, our in-person educational event in a stunning location will provide you with time and space to discern your path as a transitional leader for this time.

The Art of Transitional Ministry Program consists of two 30-hour long courses.

Week I – 30 hours
The basic education course is designed for:

  • Installed pastors and congregational leaders that are in the midst of transition

  • Interim/transitional pastors

  • Those discerning whether interim/transitional work is for them

  • Judicatory leaders or members of Committees on Ministry who work with congregations in transition

  • Those contemplating bridge or short-term ministry work

Week 1 focuses on consciously leading congregations through changes in context, identity, and leadership. Pre-conference reading is required so participants are advised to register at least four weeks in advance.

Week II
For pastors and leaders serving in congregations and faith communities in the midst of transitions in leadership, culture, context, and ministry. Participants will use their current ministry context to reflect on the leader’s role and tasks in times of transition. Completion of Week I within the past five years and current service in a transitional or interim ministry position (widely defined) is required for participation in this course. This course will provide an opportunity for going deeper into the work introduced in week I and beginning to understand our role as leaders in contexts of change and transition. Registration is limited and there are several homework assignments to prepare for Week II, so early registration is advised.

Meet the Team


To find out more about Zephyr Point's classes, visit them here

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